Top 5 Home Based Companies with Massive Potential

Finding a great Network Marketing opportunity means looking for companies who are on the move and poised for growth.  You don’t want a company that is bloated and lacking room for you to grow. Ideally, it’s a combination of an extremely hot product or service that is unique to the market, an innovative leadership team and potential for you to really take advantage.  There are a lot of great opportunities out there that do all three.  Here are some or editor’s picks.

     1. LIMU

LIMU has one simple philosophy: Be More. They’re dominating the market, providing financial freedom and visible results. It’s free to sign up, there’s free training and corporate events. LIMU has been profitable from day one, and debt-free to boot. Their unique Fucoidan-rich seaweed extract is always in demand, and they live to make their promoters’ lives and successes easier with user-friendly tools and plenty of support. Find out more here.

     2. Monat

Monat burst on the scene in only 2014, but since then they’ve accomplished a lot – creating naturally based products that people love, and providing incredible business opportunities. Their philosophy? We are successful when we help others be successful. We are happy when we help others be happy. They treat their Independent Market Partners like family, and create exceptional hair products as well as giving back to the community. For more information head to their website.

     3. Nerium

Nerium International

Nerium came out of NOWHERE a few years ago and hit a hundred million in sales in their first year alone. Four years later, it was over a billion. They have tons of super unique ingredients and products based on science you can’t buy anywhere else.  The thing with Nerium is that their products show stunning results. Their “before and afters” are totally amazing. And they are exploding internationally. These guys are going to be big for a LONG time.

     4. IDLife

Sponsored by Troy Aikman, with IDLife it’s your own business, your own way – you’ll have your own website and automated business tools, so your success couldn’t come any easier. And you don’t need to be a sales or nutrition expert, either: the products speak for themselves, and you’ll have consistent support along the way. Find out more here.



Innov8tive is a company on the rise with incredible leadership. They have a complete line of weight loss products. From Biotics which aids in digestion to Innov8tive Complete, an energy drink that gives you daily vitamins and an energy boost. These are proven, result driven products that get you in the game fast. But they also have great, down-to-earth leadership ready to help you meet your needs off the scale in your business. It’s a great weight loss product and business opportunity. Highly recommended. See what they are about here.



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  1. Woohoo!! Signing up as a Monat Market Partner was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s like one big family of supporters, cheering you on. Plus, you’re helping people fall in love with their hair again. I’m giving some people their self-esteem back, and that feels amazing, because I love to help people. I’d love to help anyone learn more about what Monat has to offer!

  2. Lovely written content to bring to the fore the growing importance of the industry. It can only get better and ended well with the mention of one of the best companies to ever emerge in the industry – NSPIRE NETWORK.

  3. nSpire Network is sure to change a lot of lives with the awareness that birth the momentum of this great company!!! When the cause is mite important that the comp plan, you have a true mission!!!

  4. Love being part of Monat Global! My WHY is personal development as well as helping people have great hair with safe and healthy products! Check out the amazing Before/After Pictures organized into Categories / Photo Albums at: Hair Products for ALL people for ALL hair types! Men’s Grooming Products! Children’s Line of Products with a great Detangler! A product called Eye Wonder which grows Eyelashes and Eyebrows! Rejuveniqe Oil which has 101 Uses (see Photo Album). Very popular products are the hair regrowing products for: men (balding), women (thinning), alopecia sufferers, cancer survivors, post partum moms, post menopausal women, and anyone with a receding hairline (anyone getting older, lol)! Monat products may help repair hair with autoimmune diseases! (see Photo Album)! Please contact me. I am looking for Retail Customers, VIP Clients, and Market (Business) Partners!

  5. So privileged to be a part of one of these companies.
    Monat is changing live everyday.
    If your looking into one of these or need a reference for someone who has one as I have friends who have joined these others please feel free to email me.
    [email protected]
    Or hit my link

  6. Ready to Launch!!! After a slow start last year with IdLife —- I’m very inspired to stick around with recent 2019 launch of
    Price modifications, On-trend marketing collateral, Easier Access for associates to offer our medical/corporate wellness programs, combined with a stronger outreach to team/collaboration/support for newbies like myself!
    My 2019 Wellness Fit Biz Plan includes FREE Creative+Wellness Workshops & PopUp Wellness Parties. Connect with me!
    San Antonio, Tx
    830.515.2413 (text preferred)
    [email protected]

    IdLife Wellness SkinCare Associate
    VIPC — Virtual Image Personal Coordinator