4 Things People Are Always Getting Wrong When Starting a Business from Home

It’s perfectly natural for someone new to Network Marketing to have fears as they get started. They’re unfamiliar with the road ahead and, often, they misunderstand how the industry works. Fears are natural, but you can relieve them easily by helping your prospects gain a new perspective on four key misconceptions you and others may have about this industry.

1. “I have to know everything about the business before I start.”

No, you really don’t. Pondering, planning and understanding are certainly important, but there will be time to learn more about your company’s system for success. You’ll have time to fine-tune those aspects of your business later. What you need to know right from the start is that you can and should reach out to people as soon as you make the decision to begin.  

That immediate excitement you feel when starting is an extremely valuable asset. Take an established Network Marketing company like LIMU. Their Promoters are encouraged to share their exuberance with others immediately, while it’s still fresh, which helps build their business most quickly. “I was brand new to this industry when I joined the LIMU Experience, but I was excited to make a change in my life and used that excitement to launch my business. People could see my passion for it right away,” said LIMU Promoter Brent Palmer. The two most important things you need to do right away are to begin and to take action.  




2. “I have to have huge results with the products or the business.”

No, you actually don’t. In fact, many people build a business substantially before they even get the first product shipment. The vision of the business opportunity is even more important than the product itself. Sharing that vision is the most advantageous way to start.  

Tell your contacts you’ve learned of an exciting new opportunity that is helping you achieve your goals and improve your financial stability. These are things they want to know about. And success stories of others in the company are a big key. Your personal success with the products and business will come soon, but don’t wait. In the meantime, share the existing success stories of your team. “We were pretty young when we found out about LIMU, but we saw the real success our closest friends were having, so we were able to share their stories until we had more experience,” said LIMU Promoter Justin Martin. “I saw how well they were doing, and wanted the same thing for us as quickly as possible.”



3. “I don’t know enough people. My contact list is too small.”

If you believe that, you aren’t looking carefully enough. You can contact all the people in your cell phone contact list for starters. You likely have friends, family and community contacts who would like to be included, too. Think of how your new business and the products can help your neighbors, and really everyone you come in contact with.

To expand your contact list, reach out to people on your social media friends list and followers. Soon, no matter where you go, there are people you can meet and share this opportunity with in the course of your daily life. LIMU Promoter Dr. Kristal Schmidt didn’t feel she had anyone at all to contact, and now she ventures out every day knowing she has something life changing to share. She told us “At first, I didn’t want to share LIMU with my co-workers and people I knew best, but I learned that was a mistake,” said . “At the first Experience party I had at my office, a total of 17 people joined my team. That’s when I realized I needed to share LIMU with everyone I knew!”



4. “I don’t want to bother my friends and family.”

You don’t have to bother them. New recruits are commonly afraid to disrupt friend and family relationships. They’re concerned that their loved ones will think they’re too pushy or demanding. What they need to know is that you don’t have to do anything that would interfere with those relationships. Technology is helping many leading Network Marketing companies change the way they approach not only family and friends but everybody. The LIMU company has created an app for your phone that helps you share the opportunity in a very easy, no-pressure way. It’s called the LIMU Share App, and successful LIMU Promoters are raving about it.

“Our LIMU Share Mobile App is a real game changer, because it’s simple to use, especially with all the contacts you have in your phone,” said Ryan Barson, Senior Vice President at LIMU. By using the LIMU Share App, you can send people text messages and videos that get the ball rolling for you. Even if they don’t jump on board immediately, they often come to you later after they see the benefits you personally get from LIMU.

“When people start using the App, they see that sharing LIMU is a no-pressure way to introduce their family and friends to this opportunity,” said Barson. “It’s all about sharing and inviting, and letting people decide if they want to know more. That lets people feel good about the whole process.”



Starting a business from home can be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. It’s new and different at first but the results will come if you stick with it and take action. Stay focused on truly productive activity every day, and you can achieve success. If you keep doing, learning and sharing, you can reach higher goals than you ever imagined. Successful companies like LIMU help make your success possible. You make it a reality.