Amy Weatheread’s LIMU Journey from Frustrated to Fulfilled

Stuck in a Financial Rut

Four years ago, Amy Weatheread was a stay-at-home mom whose greatest joy was home-schooling her kids. Her life was fulfilling, but there was a big downside. Her family had zero financial flexibility, and they struggled to get by. Her husband Ryan owned his own business, but there was never enough money to avoid the constant cycle of credit card debt.

“We had to charge every Christmas and take several months to pay that off. Then we had to charge every vacation and take several months to pay that off,” she says. “So we felt stuck. We were like, is this the way we’re going to spend the rest of our lives? Just pay bills, survive, and die?”

Amy had bigger aspirations for herself and her family. She wanted them to be able to travel, to really enjoy life and not just get by. So she took odd cleaning jobs and even tried to use her business degree to land a telecommuting job, but the pickings were slim. Her attempts just didn’t go anywhere.

“It was very frustrating. I felt hopeless, not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel,” she says.

A New Leap with Real Payoffs

When a cousin of hers told Amy about LIMU, her interest perked up, but so did her wariness. She’d tried Network Marketing in the past, and it hadn’t gone well. She didn’t feel like a natural salesperson.

Amy knew she was making a difference in people’s lives.

But the more she heard about the LIMU lifestyle and experience, the more hopeful she became that it could be just the answer she’d been searching for. She was excited about LIMU’s newness as a company, and its fresh and positive mindset.

Success with LIMU has changed Amy Weatheread’s whole family.

Amy dove right in, hosting LIMU parties six times a week and inviting anyone who trusted her opinion and advice. Some came, but many skeptics didn’t. It didn’t matter to Amy, because she knew she was making a difference in people’s lives.

She soon saw big results. Six weeks after starting LIMU, she qualified for the BMW program by hitting the 20K milestone. That’s when she knew LIMU was going to change her family’s life.

“I was so excited about getting that car,” she tells us. Over the next few months, Amy hit two more big milestone ranks — 50K and 100K — which earned her family a cruise and a $10,000 bonus.

Persevering and Finding Her Passion

Those early gains didn’t mean Amy’s LIMU Experience was smooth sailing all the time. It took her over three years to reach her next big milestone at the 200K rank. Still, Amy kept going.

“There is a better way.”

“It’s always been worth it,” Amy says. “LIMU is like a challenge. It’s a search for that next person who feels as bad as you did, who’s looking for a way out of their own financial rut. That’s what gives me my adrenaline.”

Amy and her husband are reaping the rewards of their passion for LIMU,

 She especially likes that she can empower stay-at-home moms who are stuck where she was. She knows firsthand the stresses of running a home, making sure everything from the laundry to the bills gets taken care of, and getting everyone where they’re supposed to be. The pressure of managing a budget when there isn’t enough money on top of all that makes it grueling. Having been there, Amy understands what the women she encounters are looking for and how to help them.

She loves being able to show the women she meets “that there is a better way, that with hard work and the right focus, they can do LIMU and believe in themselves.”

That ability to inspire and teach other women by sharing her story, by being the bearer of LIMU’s life-changing message, has given Amy tons of confidence. She’s found her purpose.

“For me, what I see is that I want to help other people achieve success and become even better leaders; that’s my goal,” Amy says.

“LIMU changed me as a person.”

On top of the personal fulfillment she gets from flourishing as a leader, Amy also loves LIMU because it’s fun. The people she’s met through the company, many of whom are now among her best friends, make building her business fun, challenging, and always exciting.

A Changed Person in a New Life

The Weathereads haven’t had to rack up credit card debt for Christmas or a vacation in over four years. And just a few months ago, Amy’s daughter was able to have her dream wedding, all thanks to LIMU.

Amy Weatheread is proof that LIMU is a life-changing, family-strengthening opportunity.,

But Amy’s success is benefiting more than just her own family and her LIMU team. It’s enabled the Weathereads to give back by sponsoring families in need, which Amy calls one of the most rewarding parts of her LIMU Experience. It’s that giving spirit and mindset that makes LIMU about more than just a paycheck for Amy.

“LIMU has been amazing. It’s changed me as a person,” she tells us. “I’ve definitely become more and more passionate about LIMU as time has gone on. It has changed me because LIMU is all about giving, and I’m literally living what I dreamed of as a kid.”

This stay-at-home mom has found a new resolve in an industry that’s changed her life, and now she’s paying that forward every day.

You can get in touch with Amy at her LIMU website.