An Entrepreneur Finds Her Passion: Rhonda Lorio’s LIMU Life

Run by a Business

After her divorce, Rhonda Lorio vowed to be financially independent and able to support her kids, no matter what. She thought being a business owner would be the best way to ensure that.

Rhonda hoped being her own boss would give her more freedom, time-wise and financially, than working for someone else. But running a business came with its own demands and stresses, and still wasn’t affording her the ability to be with her kids as much as she had wanted. The notion of residual income — money that could continue to stream in without relying on how much she was actively selling — hadn’t entered her life yet.

“I was raised ‘you go to school, and then you go to work 9-5 every day or whatever it is to get the job done’,” Rhonda explains.

“In LIMU, I saw a way to be in charge of my life.”

Financially, Rhonda and her family were doing alright, but she knew there was definitely room for improvement.

A Different Kind of Entrepreneurship

Rhonda’s Need to Always Be There for Her Kids Set Her Out on a Journey That Would Lead to Success With LIMU

She’d heard about LIMU from a few people. But one of her oldest and most trusted friends started to share her own story with Rhonda and it began to sink in. Her friend’s son, a college baseball player who’d dealt with repetitive injuries, had seen great benefits from drinking the LIMU beverages. And that was the start of a journey that would transform her friend’s life.

Rhonda was sold. In fact, she was so excited that she started talking to people about LIMU even before her introductory Pack had arrived. People in her social circle were all ears, and she recouped her initial purchase money even before she had the LIMU product in her hands. She realized right away that everyone she knew was looking for something more in their own lives: extra income, a backup plan, more free time and an opportunity to “be more”, as the LIMU mantra encourages.

The first year of doing LIMU part-time, Rhonda did things a bit differently, not totally following the LIMU model. She had success but didn’t reach the level she knew she could reach.

“I spent too much time working while my kids were growing. I don’t want that kind of life anymore.”

“I wanted more from the company and from myself. In LIMU, I saw a way to be in charge of my life, and no longer continue having my life in charge of me,” she tells us.

Hitting Her Stride

Perks Like a Paid-for BMW and Trips Came Fast for Rhonda but That Was Only the Beginning

Rhonda took a closer look at what LIMU was providing – the whole system, the marketing and packaging, the tools – and realized that she had a winning process right in front of her. All she had to do was put it into practice.

Not only was the LIMU process tried and tested, following it was easier for her. It made things easier for her team as well. Rhonda reached the coveted, BMW-qualifying 20K milestone 60 days after making that shift.

“The beauty of residual income with LIMU is being able to have a duplicable system,” she says. “It took me a while to get that, but it’s what the LIMU process provides so well.”

“The LIMU family feeling is exhilarating and extremely contagious.”

Four years later, Rhonda is still loving the LIMU lifestyle and freedom it provides.
“Now I can do whatever I want to do, and that’s pretty awesome,” she says of the ability to set her own hours and drive her business at her own pace, on her own terms. “I choose when to do my LIMU work. Family is very important to me. I spent too much time working while my kids were growing, and I don’t want that kind of life anymore.”

All the Perks

Rhonda’s Husband Was Skeptical at First but Now They Are Proud Partners in Their LIMU Business

Best of all, Rhonda’s family has joined her business as well. Her husband, though skeptical at first, was won over by the amazing energy and support he saw at the first LIMU Convention he attended with her. And her kids have been gaining valuable life and business lessons on their own LIMU journeys.

Along the way, Rhonda has been bolstered by the incredible members of the greater LIMU community, both on her own team and well beyond it. She describes being at LIMU events as being “surrounded by people who lift you up and energize you.”

“The LIMU family feeling is exhilarating and extremely contagious,” she continues. “I’m talking about a whole community completely willing to help you and others be successful. That is powerful.”

And that’s exactly what Rhonda loves doing for others, as well. She thrives on helping her downline and other LIMU Promoters reach their goals, hit their milestones, see success for themselves, and ultimately get that backup plan or residual income in place for themselves. She’s renewed her passion through LIMU, and that passion is now all about helping others find theirs, too.

You can get in touch with Rhonda at her LIMU website.