Chiropractor Finds Renewed Life Purpose with LIMU

From the outside looking in, Dr. Kristal Schmidt was living the dream. She had worked in the healthcare industry for 20 years.  She had professional success, an occupation helping people and enough money to do the extra things that many people dream of.  There was just one problem. She was bored. She had lost her purpose in life.

Kristal spent her days as a chiropractor helping her patients. It started out as a positive experience but began to drag on her. Patients don’t come into the chiropractic office happy and positive. They are hurting and need help. She said, “It’s a servant’s life. You’re giving everything to everyone else. I thought I would have much more purpose out of that, but after 17 years of working it got to a point where I was like, ‘There’s gotta be more,

I changed! I realized I could find another purpose. Dr. Kristal Schmidt

Then Purpose Found Her

Kristal wanted change but she wasn’t out searching for it. But pretty soon, it found her. A longtime friend began talking about a company called LIMU. She learned a little about the company but didn’t think much of it.  “All I saw when she talked to me was a network marketing company that had products. That did not appeal to me at the time so I kind of ignored her for about 3 months.”

Luckily her friend was persistent. She reached back out to Kristal and they scheduled a time to meet.  It was at that meeting that everything changed for Kristal. “When we sat down, I actually heard the whole LIMU experience. And when I heard what the total package was about, I totally changed! I realized I could find another purpose.

A Lightbulb Goes Off

“I’ve had an autoimmune disorder from a young age. I thought ‘if this could help with better nutrition, well that’s awesome.’ And, so in my mind, I was just like, ‘I’m going to drink it and we’ll see’.” Once Kristal started using the LIMU products she noticed they really helped her. Not only was she excited, but her friends too were excited about how it helped her. There was an energy that surrounded the idea of the LIMU company and how the products were affecting people’s lives. This was a way she could help people when they were already positive, to offset the daily grind of helping hurting people.

The beauty of LIMU is that it is purely food and nutrients. Dr. Kristal Schmidt

Just 3 weeks after starting to drink LIMU, Kristal’s friend came over to help her launch her business. The results were impressive. In the two-hour time slot of the party, Kristal made the same amount that she would have for 3 days worth of patients. A light bulb came on and she realized, “I can buy back my time by just sharing LIMU products. Everybody is in search of something for better health.

It Just Took Off

The beauty of LIMU is that it is purely food and nutrients. It’s natural. People are able to drink LIMU products in place of something they were already using and benefit from the added nutrition. Kristal found, “It is incredible how fast a LIMU business grows. Nobody wants to sell anything. I really think the reason we had such fast growth is that no one was selling anything. They were just drinking LIMU products themselves and sharing their own stories of how it helped them and what they were excited about.”

“I have a dream again. I’m not sitting there wondering if this is all there is.  Dr. Kristal Schmidt

Fast growth is an understatement. The very first month, she reached the 20K rank and earned herself a BMW. After having a few friends join her, she hit the 100K rank after two more months. And the best part is – the products sell themselves. Instead of pushing products at people, the group was simply sharing the positive experience they were having with LIMU and others wanted in on it.

Living the Dream

At one time, Kristal was forced to stop working in her chiropractic business because of an injury she suffered. While that could have been a stressful time financially, the money she made from LIMU was enough to keep her bills paid and her head above water. But her high moment came when she was sitting on a boat in the middle of the ocean near the Bahamas with upper leadership on a trip that she earned, “It’s a Wednesday, and we’re sitting in the middle of the ocean looking at a little island, nobody on it, just out there, and we’re just all kind of sitting there quietly. Our hard work earned us this moment of peace. You’re just looking around at this amazing place, and we’re all here because of our hard work, the power of a team and an amazing company.

LIMU changed the world for Kristal. “I have a dream again. I’m not sitting there wondering if this is all there is. There’s so much more out there to live for and so many more things to do and enjoy. I had shut down mentally, but thanks to LIMU now the world is my oyster.

You can get in touch with Kristal at her LIMU website. Or on Facebook here!


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