Friendly Small Town Plumber Finds a New Way to Help Others: Fred Lee’s LIMU Success Story

Fred Lee, his wife Andrea and their two daughters were living in a rented trailer in a small Mississippi town. Fred was a plumber, a career he enjoyed, but which didn’t always result in a secure and regular income. The work itself was steady but some clients didn’t pay him on time. His wife was a nurse, but the family still barely made ends meet.

“We lived paycheck to paycheck,” Fred admits. “It really hurt”.


One of the hardest things was seeing his two teen daughters still sleeping on the same small beds they’d had as little kids. It broke his heart and got him to search for something more for himself and his beloved family.

The Opportunity that Made the Difference

LIMU Completely Changed Fred Lee’s Life. He Moved His Family From a Rented Trailer Into a Fine House That He Owns.

Luckily, Fred’s brother Allen brought LIMU into the Lees’ lives. When Fred saw Allen drinking a can of LIMU’s signature energy drink Blu Frog, it piqued his interest. Allen invited him to a LIMU party, and that was the event that set Fred on the path to changing his life. He’d heard of Network Marketing in the past, but he hadn’t tried it before.


“Over at the party, what really impressed me was that LIMU was different,” he recalls his first impressions.  “We had to ship nothing, deliver nothing … that hooked me.”

Fred told his wife this could be what they needed. He borrowed the money for the introductory Fast Track Pack and quickly got to work. In fact, he made his initial purchase money back within a day and then just kept soaring.

Within 2 months, he hit the 20K milestone and qualified for the BMW. Then, 6 months after his LIMU journey began, he reached the 50K rank.

Sharing his Passion

The secret to Fred’s success was easy. “I love meeting new people,” Fred says. “I don’t care who they are.” But his success is about more than just being a people person. It’s about truly taking the time to tap into what others need. It‘s about really understanding where people are coming from, while also sharing with them a part of yourself, your journey, and your goals with LIMU.

Fred and His Wife Now Take Great Vacations and Live Better Than Ever Thanks to LIMU

“You gotta be motivated and passionate with what you’ve got,” he tells us. ”It’s sharing an opportunity with people but also getting close to them. You get to stop and listen to them. Then you can assure them you got that chance they need. They follow you because you tell them where you’re going, and they want that, too.”

Fred credits LIMU’s straightforward and easily duplicable process for his success. He stresses that what he’s doing is sharing hope, not selling a product. People who are in the same place Fred was – living paycheck to paycheck –  can benefit from the LIMU lifestyle and amazing products just as the Lee family has.

Of course, not everyone is always receptive to Fred’s life-changing proposition. Especially those who are unfamiliar with LIMU but who’ve encountered Network Marketing companies that don’t really look out for and benefit their Promoters. They think that they’ll need to sell products and get others to sell products in order to succeed. Fred doesn’t miss an opportunity to educate people away from such misconceptions, using his own story as an example.


“I’ve never sold anything. All I do is share a nutritious product, hope and a plan to others,” he explains. “If you open up and explain to people how LIMU works, they get to see just how really simple it is.”

Gratitude and Growth

Fred Lee’s Family Knows Anything Is Possible With the Right Opportunity and the Determination to See It Through. They Have Lived It!

The Lees’ lives have been forever changed by LIMU. For starters, they’re feeling healthier and stronger than ever from drinking LIMU’s Blu Frog and the other nutritional LIMU beverages daily. And financially, they’re in a place of independence versus dependence. There’s no more paycheck-to-paycheck worry.

Fred still does some plumbing, but it’s because he loves it and not because he’s trying to scrape together money from it. His wife is still in the nursing field, but that too is a labor of love. They don’t have to worry about paying for their daughters’ college education, because LIMU’s making that possible.

“Now I get 5 checks from LIMU every month, and that’s truly a blessing,” Fred says.

Fred and his family have also moved into their very own dream home since they began working their LIMU business. Thanks to LIMU, they were finally in a financial position to stop renting and build something that was all theirs, a dream home they’re truly proud of. As for the exasperating bed situation that set Fred on his life-changing course…

“Today, we all sleep in Queen size beds!” he says.

You can get in touch with Fred at his LIMU website.