Heartache and Healing: Kelly English’s LIMU Journey

A Steady Start to More

Kelly English’s LIMU journey began 6 years ago, in part to help her kids. The mother of five was working full-time as an office clerk and practicing massage therapy on the side. Her office job provided her and her husband — a minister — with health insurance and a steady, dependable income. But there were concerns about retirement and, like most moms, she was also thinking about her kids’ well-being.

“I had 3 daughters and they were having babies, and they were all looking for ways of making money from home,” she says. “One of them was working full-time, another one was a single mom. She didn’t have a car and she was looking for both local work and affordable daycare.”

“If you’re running around worried about what people are thinking of you, you might miss some truly important things.”

One day Kelly’s son, who played in the NFL at the time, said someone had introduced him to LIMU beverages for their healthy properties. She saw it as a chance not just to try LIMU, but also to see if it was a business opportunity that might be the help her daughters needed.

Kelly and her daughters committed working LIMU and learning all they could, being open and fully engaged in the process. In under 2 months, one of Kelly’s daughters reached the BMW-qualifying 20K milestone. Not long after, Kelly reached that milestone herself. They did it just by sharing their personal LIMU Experiences and the great products.

“I knew people who wanted something different. I knew there were people who needed an extra income just like we did, so we got busy sharing LIMU with those people,” she says of her strategy in the early days.

Easing in and Ramping Up

Kelly English Learned That Helping Others Brought Her Success With LIMU

Still, it was not an easy transition and not everyone was supportive. She remembers one friend who seemed excited about the benefits of LIMU beverages but was cynical about the business aspect of it. She even advised Kelly not to go forward with it. Kelly was hurt, but realized her friend was operating under misconceptions, and not speaking from a place of knowledge about LIMU.

Kelly continued to work LIMU for close to a year. She was receiving extra income, and a part of the success of many others in her team. But when her father passed away the following year, Kelly began to re-evaluate her life and priorities. Although she enjoyed her 8-5 job, she realized it was taking her away from the people she loved. It was using up her precious time and taking her away from where she really wanted to be.

“It was a blessing in the middle of a very horrible chapter of my life.”

“I just thought ‘I’m here, I’m working this LIMU thing on the side. I’m having success there, but I’m missing people in life by being at this job from 8 to 5, Monday to Friday. I need to do something different,’” she recalls.

So, she worked even harder with LIMU, striving to make it more than just a side hustle. Within a few months, she’d reached the 100K rank and was soon making more from LIMU than her day job, enough to cover health insurance premiums. So, about 15 months after starting LIMU as a side business, Kelly quit her office job and focused her full attention on LIMU.

Thriving in the Midst and Wake of Tragedy

Kelly English Got a Bmw From LIMU Pretty Quickly but Much Deeper Rewards Were Still to Come

Kelly’s LIMU journey was in full swing, but life dealt the family a significant blow early the following year: Kelly’s husband of 32 years was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. She immediately pulled back from her daily activities with LIMU, becoming her husband’s full-time caregiver.  It was a very difficult time, but thanks to LIMU, it was not as severe as it might have been.

“I quit being on the road with LIMU and focused on our family, but the LIMU income continued to come as a steady paycheck,” she tells us. “It was a blessing in the middle of a very horrible chapter of my life.”

Kelly’s been able to push past what she thought her limits were, learn more about herself, and help many others along the way.

The residual income she was able to earn from LIMU kept the financial worries at bay, so she could focus her full attention on her husband. And LIMU also gave her daughters the flexibility to be with their dad in his time of need. They were able to make their own schedules and didn’t have to report to a boss.

Reflecting on the past 6 years of her LIMU journey, Kelly admits there were struggles, but it was ultimately worth it, not just financially but also personally. She’s been able to push past what she thought her limits were, learn more about herself, and help many others along the way.

“I’ve realized that you only have one life to live. If you’re running around worried about what people are thinking of you and trying to fit into some imaginary box of what you’re supposed to be doing, you might miss some truly important things,” she says.

When it comes to people who could benefit from the opportunity LIMU offers but are afraid, she uses her own story as an example. She tells people to take it “just one step at a time; break things down and have small successes”. She’s confident they’ll see results with each goal and that will motivate them toward the next milestone and then the one after that. Just exactly like what happened to her, healing through the LIMU Experience.

You can get in touch with Kelly at her LIMU website.