How Passion, Enthusiasm and Hard Work Restored a Colorado Mom: Tammy Maltby’s LIMU Success Story

People can find themselves broke on many different levels and Tammy Maltby was broke on one of the biggest. Her 20-year marriage had ended and that had resulted in unexpected economic devastation. The large house and lavish lifestyle she had known turned into equally large and crushing 6-figure credit card debt.

She was still supporting four children and the only work she could find was barely covering basic bills. “With a large family, I had big expenses so our debt was getting bigger faster because of what had been our expensive lifestyle.” she told us.

It was really bad. And then the economic crash of 2008 hit.

Desire Meets Opportunity 

Tammy was overwhelmed, with all of her investment properties facing foreclosure. She remembers, “We were one house payment away from losing our home after the crash. We were down to one car.” Tammy had remarried a wonderful man, Retired Lt. Colonel Jerry Melchisedeck, but the debt was still pushing them to the brink.

LIMU Tammy Maltby
Tammy Maltby Loved LIMU Products Before They Turned Her Life Around

One day she went to her husband in tears. They had to sell the beautiful wedding ring he had given her, just to pay for food and the minimum amount of bills. “It was a really low point. I felt like a failure. I felt I had failed my kids and failed myself.” she said.

“My confidence level was pretty low. But I had a will. The sky has no limit when you have a strong desire for change.” she told us. She knew she needed another source of income for the future.

When Tammy was introduced to LIMU by a close friend, she was motivated to research the company and the products. What she found was convincing and it was something that really resonated with her. “Colorado Springs is very into health and wellness, so I knew a lot about healthy nutrition. I started drinking the LIMU products and I was amazed at my personal experience,” says Tammy.

“I felt God was bringing something to me. We have to be willing to receive how those packages come,” she said.  She bought her LIMU Fast Track Pack and got started.

Still, she didn’t totally understand how the business side of LIMU could help her tackle her debt. But then Tammy remembered something she read about residual income, and about the power of doing something once and getting paid for it again and again.  A light bulb went off. She thought LIMU could be an opportunity to leverage her time. “Maybe if I work really hard and I give it everything I’ve got, I could get out of this situation.” Tammy thought.

Finding a Way

Tammy worked hard and gave it everything she had. Her husband even pitched in, helping with the Experience parties they hosted at their home.

LIMU’s Tammy Maltby Onstage at an LIMU LIVE Event

  Soon, Tammy’s LIMU business began to grow. “We started to see some serious income coming in. I started paying for our house payment and a car payment, and we realized this was real,” she says.

As Tammy’s team grew, she began to pay down her debt. Her life was more active than ever, with grandchildren appearing on the scene and with her 85-year-old grandmother living at her home. She even kept her other job, traveling weekends but was still able to work her LIMU business. “Most people don’t do LIMU full time. The brilliance of LIMU is you work it into the pockets of your life. The little 10 minutes here, 30 minutes there – they all make a difference in building your business,” said Tammy.

Sweet Restoration

Passion, enthusiasm and hard work can do some amazing things. And Tammy brought all three and more to her LIMU business. Soon, her team started to grow very quickly, like a Colorado wildfire. “At 15 months, our team helped me get to 200K and two weeks later I went to 300K, just 15 months from the very first day I started with LIMU,” says Tammy.  Meanwhile, the debts continued to get paid off month by month.

Tammy and Her Husband Retired Lt. Colonel Jerry Melchisedeck

After a short time, the business began to take on a life on its own. Tammy told us, “We went to Wyoming, Minnesota, Texas, Phoenix. We grew a team in California. We had teams all over the country.” After 22 months in her business, Tammy hit the 500K rank in LIMU. Not long after, Tammy and her husband had paid off 100% of their debts. “It was a full circle of coming back, of having the will to do what it took,” she said.

Then, out of the blue, Jerry asked Tammy to take a drive. She wondered where they were going. Sure enough, they drove to a jeweler friend, because Jerry was ready to buy back her wedding ring. “I remember putting it on thinking, “If this isn’t a restoration, I don’t know what is!“ Tammy said.

Tammy’s desire is to pay it forward with LIMU. “Now we focus on helping other people to become financially free. Every day someone is out there … every day people are looking for financial help. That’s how I look at it, and how I can help make a difference.”

Most importantly, Tammy is in it for the long run.  She tells us, “I will never ever quit LIMU. It’s the most incredible business I’ve ever seen and I love it.”

You can get in touch with Tammy at her LIMU website.