Limu Energizes Promoters With Three Big Announcements

Thousands of motivated LIMU associates gathered in New Orleans last weekend for an exhilarating time at LIMU Live! The fast-growing Network Marketing company made three major announcements at the event.

“It was really a huge weekend for us and for all of our field,” LIMU said. “We brought them our most effective tools ever, using technology that makes it simple for them to spread the word about the incredible LIMU experience.”

LIMU packs a highly nutritious proprietary Tongan Limu Moui seaweed extract (Fucoidan) into its popular drinks and shake mixes. Their enthusiastic base of users and promoters market the products across Asia and the Americas.

Spreading the Word

First, LIMU introduced 3 new opportunity videos, empowering promoters to generate interest and then comprehensively explain the LIMU Experience, from the simplicity of the business opportunity to the benefits of the Fucoidan-rich products.

Additional videos featuring current LIMU promoters were also introduced. According to LIMU, “These videos show ordinary people from all walks of life who have realized the power of the LIMU opportunity. It’s a series that we call “Real People. Real Stories”, and the videos feature stay-at-home-moms, carpenters, teachers and even pastors who have all used their LIMU Experience to ‘Be more’.”

Watch the videos to see what the buzz is about.

 Innovative New Tools

LIMU then delighted its audience with LIMU Share, a mobile networking app that streamlines prospecting. Promoters can share videos and see who’s viewed them (and how much they watched), track and connect with prospects, and much more. The free app is available for both Android and iPhone and should dramatically improve how LIMU promoters share the LIMU Experience.

The company told Home Based Buzz that “LIMU Share enables you to network like never before and leverages your existing contacts in a way that will completely change how you prospect and follow up.”

Massive Product Advancement

Last but definitely not least, LIMU announced improvements to one of its premier product lines, LIMU LEAN. They revved up the new LIMU Lean Protein Shake Mix with 3 times more fiber — plus vitamins, minerals, and probiotics — and fewer carbs and calories than their previous shakes. They also made it easier to enjoy and share shakes anywhere, with new single-serving pouches.

“This was one of our best LIMU events ever, thanks to all the new business-building tools we brought to LIMU Nation. Our promoters are hugely excited about their future, and so are we,” said LIMU.

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