From Stressed-Out Chiropractor to Happy Home-Based Entrepreneur: The Kristal Vance Interview

HBB: You gave up your career as a Chiropractor to pursue Network Marketing full time, why?

KRISTAL: I always wanted to be my own boss, to have time freedom. What I didn’t realize was even though I helped many, many people over the years I still had bought myself a job. I did all the right things. Went to school, spent $300k in education and start-up. At the end of the day, I was just like everyone else who only had so many hours a day I could make money. The stress of a small business was always there. Overhead, Employees, Taxes…no one who was really cared to help me succeed or fail! I was on my own. Now the absolute opposite in Network Marketing. I had a very low price to start up, I could duplicate my efforts by teaching others what I had done successfully. To receive income for helping someone do what I did was amazing. I had none of the stress of a small business. No real overhead to worry about, no employees…plenty of people who could help me and wanted nothing but success. It was the absolute opposite of what I was doing business-wise! It was like business “heaven”. The icing on the cake was what financial goals I had set in my Chiropractic business took me 6 years to hit. Those same goals I hit here in 6 months. Today I do not make a dime off one bit of work I did for 20 years in Chiropractic. But every week I make income off work I did 5 years ago with Network Marketing.

HBB: Why are you so excited about the new LIMU ARIIX merger?

KRISTAL: I’m excited because this in my mind is taking something absolutely amazing and giving it an “upgrade”. We get to leverage and harness the power of a massive company that simply pays for loyalty. ARIIX wants to disrupt the industry. To do that they have to give…more than any company has ever been willing too. And they are. It’s incredible the perks that this company is giving to their people who create loyalty with the people in their own circle! So very simple.

That’s why I know ARIIX will knock it out of the park in the US. No one is doing business like them.

HBB: A lot of people in the USA have never heard of ARIIX, yet they are huge overseas, why is that?

KRISTAL: Most countries do not have the opportunity that we Americans have. So, when they see an opportunity like this they jump with everything they have. But we Americans can take that choice for granted. We have so many companies out there with different ways to create income. That’s why I know ARIIX will knock it out of the park in the US. No one is doing business like them. The days of cutting a big check for people to come to a company are ending. We Americans are tired of being “sheeple”. We want to know are buying power is appreciated. We want to be a part of something bigger than just a buck. We want to be a part of change. That’s exactly what ARIIX wants. Change.

HBB: Tell us about the “House of Brands” concept. What does that mean?

KRISTAL: This really excites me because no longer do I have to sell “one product, one company.” We will have 100’s of companies to choose who we spend our money with. I don’t have to be known simply as the “LIMU Lady”. With so many choices it really opens the doors to the entrepreneurial spirit. I can sit down with someone, explain how network marketing works…and then just let them go to work building a distribution channel. I don’t have to sell shampoo, or juice or energy drinks…I truly get to sell the vision of owning your own business, and then I will shop for myself from the House of Brands.

No one else in the industry seems to be doing this.

HBB: What is the ARIIX Shopping Rewards program? How do you use that?

KRISTAL: This is where ARIIX disrupts the industry. No one else in the industry seems to be doing this. Yet, every one of us participates in this already with other traditional companies. We get memberships to big-box clubs for…discounts and savings. We buy our coffee from the same location to get punches on our cards. We punch in our phone number for extra savings…but NO ONE gives you dollar for dollar rewards! We as consumers have lost track of how much that “middle-man” actually makes! Companies have become billion-dollar companies taking our money as the distribution company. That’s no different here they just share the wealth with us! I personally have saved thousands with the Health Insurance program. I have used reward points to buy down the price of a 5-star hotel to a 2-star price! I have even gone skydiving and received savings. This was all money I was going to spend anyway; I just found a way through ARIIX to make it worth more!!

You can reach Kristal on FACEBOOK or at 307-660-8343