The Piece She Didn’t Know Was Missing: Karyn Mansfield’s LIMU Success Story

 “It was amazing. One of the best days of my life. It really was life-changing,” is how Karyn Mansfield describes her first real encounter with LIMU.

It started when her sister Andrea invited Karyn to watch a few videos, then come over for a LIMU Experience party that would feature some of the highest-ranking Promoters in LIMU. Karyn had watched her sister grow her LIMU business over the years, but she hadn’t quite grasped what it was all about until that moment.

“Honestly I thought she was just selling a lot of seaweed, month after month,” Karyn admits.

While she’d been happy for Andrea’s success, she’d tried Network Marketing herself in the past, at times with success and at other times not. Karyn was skeptical to get into yet another new company at first, especially knowing that her husband would be even more skeptical after everything they’d tried in the past.

But those videos and that event sparked something.

“I realized that I had missed the camaraderie of being part of a team,” Karyn says. “I didn’t realize how much I had been missing that little something that means so much, not just the extra  income, but the fun and the challenge of working on a business with teammates.”

While the Mansfields were doing fine financially, there was room for improvement as far as their quality of life. Her husband had an extremely long daily commute to a job in a higher-paying community. Karyn’s income-earning options were very limited because she was the full-time caregiver for Ryan, their son with Down Syndrome. She knew that if she could just earn a little bit extra, it could make it easier for her husband to eventually take a pay cut and work at a job closer to home.

Hard Work Pays Off in More than Just Money

So, she took the leap in early August of 2018. Within days of hitting the ground running with LIMU, she had added 3 other people to her team, which earned her the 2K VIP ranking, her initial purchase money back, and a bonus.


LIMU Has Made an Impact on the Whole Mansfield Family

“It’s different than anything else I had been doing, anything else I’ve ever seen,” Karyn says about her early and sustained impressions of LIMU. She quickly realized that all the promises LIMU makes, all of the ways in which it claims to set itself apart from others in its field, were very real, not just hype. “The marketing content they provide for us is amazing. They really do put Promoters first, and that makes it easy for us to  really make great things happen.”

A month after joining, Karyn attended a Regional Training session that made her even more enthusiastic, excited, and empowered for the LIMU journey she’d embarked on. She returned home, put that new fire to work, and hit the 20K rank less than three weeks later.  

“What I love most about LIMU is that I’m not going to be adding more bills to people’s plates,” she says. “I get to help share the financial blessing that’s blessed me and my family. And I really enjoy that, because I have a huge heart for helping people.”

Personal Growth and Passing it On

Along with the extra income, the closeness and support of her team, and her extended ability to help others, Karyn has also experienced personal growth and found a great sense of purpose with LIMU. She’s gained confidence as she’s continued to meet new kinds of challenges and stretched beyond her wife and mother roles.  


“I have exciting new goals. I’m moving forward every single day. And I love it,” Karyn says.

Being a Part of a Network Marketing Company Like LIMU Gives You Purpose and Is Fun!

Karyn works with veteran Network Marketers like herself, as well as those who are new to the game and maybe feeling a little skittish at the start. She understands the fear and uncertainty that newbie Promoters and even people on the fence about joining LIMU can have.

She admits that it’s not easy, that it takes work. The most difficult part for Karyn is the rejection that’s a normal part of this industry, which stings especially hard when it comes from someone close to her, one of her “heart people”. But she realizes it’s not a rejection of her, it’s just people being uninterested at the moment or perhaps not ready to let LIMU into their lives. She reminds herself and others not to take it personally.

“The only way to fail at this business is to give up,” she advises. “As long as you get in there, and you work your LIMU business every single day, it doesn’t have to be a sprint; it can be a marathon, slow and steady. You take all the great things that the company gives you, the tools, the process and trainings, the people who truly care about you on your team, and listen and learn every single day. Because if you just keep yourself plugged into LIMU, into that LIMU camaraderie and keep moving forward, the only way to fail is to quit.”