The Power of Perseverance: Bill and Susan Saling’s LIMU Success Story

Bill and Susan Saling have been with LIMU since its inception. It’s taken them from a life of worry to long-term success with financial and time freedom. They’ve also benefited from the LIMU products over the last 14 years and say that LIMU has been a life-changer.

Resignation and Lost Hope

Bill was a high school principal close to retirement before LIMU came around, and Susan was a stay-at-home mom at the time. Both were experiencing empty nest syndrome with two boys in college. The family had been scraping by financially for some time, Susan recalls.


“As the years went by, credit card debts kept adding up. We never had a lot of money to put into savings, and we didn’t take a lot of vacations,“ she says.

Bill’s looming retirement meant they’d soon have to make do with just two-thirds of the single income that already stretched them thin. The couple was pretty sure they’d both probably have to go back to work.

“We found ourselves in survival mode,” Susan tells us. “We stopped dreaming about another way of life. We just wanted what most people want; to have some extras, do some things for friends and family.”

Finding the Right Solution

Bill was first introduced to Network Marketing through a different company, one that sold prepaid phone cards. But with the rise of cell phones, that quickly became less of a viable option and the pair found themselves still looking.


Luckily, they had met and become friends with LIMU founder Gary J. Raser, who was just starting the company. The Salings saw promise immediately because they trusted Gary and liked what he was building. They decided to be part of his vision to help others “make it to Friday,” as Raser often puts it.

“We finally saw a better future. It gave us hope,” Susan says. “We would be able to retire and pay our debts, work on our own time frame together, and maybe even travel more.”

The husband and wife team soon saw both the financial and health benefits of LIMU. They hit the BMW-earning 20K rank. They felt better physically and mentally. Their own results and the growing community of like-minded people around them solidified their passion and dedication to the LIMU lifestyle.”

Long-term Staying Power

Now, close to a decade and a half later, the Salings are still working LIMU together, thriving and helping others do the same. Their secret is the same as any successful long-term business owner: hard work, perseverance, the willingness to grow, and a great team.


Personal growth plays an especially big part in both Bill and Susan’s success with LIMU. Susan talks about getting out of her comfort zone, pushing herself to talk in front of groups even though it wasn’t easy. The difference she sees with the LIMU environment, though, is that there are people always cheering her on and supporting her, encouraging her and telling her that she can do it.

Bill and Susan love being a supportive, positive force in the lives of others. Bill tells us that one of the most rewarding parts of the LIMU journey is “to look around and see the people who’ve had success and changed their lives because we showed them how to take charge of their lives instead of having their lives take charge of them.”

Moving Past Misconceptions

Over the years, the couple has come across plenty of naysayers and skeptics. They’ve also seen that some companies don’t work quite as well as others.

“The main thing is to do your research, become knowledgeable and choose the one you’re comfortable with. Then STICK WITH IT, like we have with LIMU” he recommends.

Another thing people get wrong about LIMU in Bill and Susan’s experience is expecting success just working it on and off, whenever they want to. Consistency is the key. It’s difficult to transition from a job with a boss telling you what to do to managing your own time. This takes motivating and pushing yourself to do what’s needed.

“This is a business, not a sometime hobby,” Susan says. “It’s different because when you go to a traditional job, you get told what to do. Some people get lost at Network Marketing in the beginning because the daily effort is up to them. You still have to work, because it’s still a job that you control! But the rewards are incredible.“

Bill and Susan agree that anyone can be successful in LIMU.  They just have to work and follow the tried and true process that LIMU offers.  “LIMU is for everybody, that’s the wonderful part. You just have to stick with it,” Susan says.

You can get in touch with Bill and Susan at their LIMU website.