It Works! Gets Men in the Game With Revolutionary New Program

The company known worldwide for it’s “wraps” is going after the men

At almost $700 million in annual sales, It Works! of Palmetto, Florida knows a thing or two about sales. But with their new MAN DARE project, they are going after a whole new market.

The MAN DARE project is the brainchild of Founder and CEO Mark Pentecost.  It’s a MEN-only promotion that engages men with cool hats, SWAG, and the chance to win a totally customized 2017 Jeep Wrangler. And of course, the opportunity to earn cash and rewards as well.

Join the Man Dare

The way it works (no pun intended) is pretty simple and ingenious and completely leverages social media.  Men simply post a video on Facebook, announcing to the world that they “join the man dare” and then order one of the companies new “stacks” of nutritional products. Then they just tag a few buddies, and get entries into the contests for those who join and “man up.”

Will it work? (Again, no pun intended.) Well, it already has.  Announced in front of almost 5,000 people at the company’s Green Carpet event last week, hundreds of men have already joined and the videos on Facebook prove it.

What Do the Girls Think?

How do they women feel? Well many were featured on a company video praising the move and seemed genuinely excited to not only get “their men” involved but also were pumped about the ability for them to now approach men with the ItWorks! business opportunity.

What’s the potential? Well, with sales of almost 700 million last year with a predominantly female sales force, sources say as much as 90%, adding men to the mix could take this company over the magic $1 billion dollar mark.

Taking their #LiveLegendary plan all the way to the bank.

Take the challenge here!

Watch the video here: